Why am I awake?

In gen­eral, I pre­fer be­ing asleep at night to be­ing awake. So what am I do­ing? It’s 1:30am: what ex­actly do I like about be­ing awake at night? For I’ve been stay­ing up well past mid­night at least once a week these days.—But I think the an­swer is this: it’s the only time I’m guar­an­teed soli­tude with­out go­ing out of my way to find it. It’s easy enough to find a place with­out any­one I know around; it’s harder to find a place with­out peo­ple at all. And then fur­ther a place that is com­fort­able, that one knows and knows how to in­habit:—one’s own home at night. (—I.e. after every­one else who’s halfway sane has gone to bed!).

(—That’s a plau­si­ble ex­pla­na­tion, but it may not be true. The prob­lem of why I do things re­mains, in gen­eral, un­solved, and is the sub­ject of on­go­ing re­search.)

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