A plan!

(Good morn­ing, Alan! What are you go­ing to do to­day?)

Today I’m go­ing to do many fine and wor­thy things!

(That’s all well and good, but Alan: do you have a plan for ac­com­plish­ing these fine and wor­thy deeds?)

I do in­deed!

(Will you tell us your plan?)

Here is my plan. My plan is as fol­lows:

  1. Walk for fif­teen min­utes, ab­sorb sun, en­gen­der en­dor­phins.

  2. Arrive at the Lucky Penny.

  3. Purchase an espresso-tonic.

  4. Figure out the rest of the plan.

—What do you think of my plan?

(I think it is a ter­ri­ble plan. For one thing, it is man­i­festly in­com­plete. For an­other, it in­volves ac­com­plish­ing not many but few things at best, only one of which is re­motely fine or wor­thy.)

Oh? Which do you sup­pose that one to be?

(The first step, in which you are to walk and thereby en­gen­der en­dor­phins.)

You fool! You noth­ing about fine and wor­thy deeds! That’s not even my real plan, any­way. Of course I would­n’t con­de­scend to tell you my real plan for ac­com­plish­ing many fine and wor­thy things.

(Very well, then. I shall leave you to it, what­ever your plan may be.)

—Very well in­deed, then! Off thus I go!

(Off in­deed you go!)

Yes in­deed:—off I go!