– Updated

I wanted to write a new blog post tonight, but when I re-rendered the site and had a look at it, I was perplexed to find that all my posts were gone! I checked my ‘posts’ folder, and indeed, I had apparently somehow deleted them all. I may have a means of recovering them; I'll have to investigate further.

But how is it, you ask, that you can still see all my posts in the very flesh, sitting just below this one? The answer is that I write my posts in a different format than that in which they are provided to your web browser; I deleted those original files, but at that point I had already compiled them into the hypertext files that the web browser reads, and so all the posts still exist in that format (namely, the HyperText Markup Language).

The upshot, then, is that nothing has changed for you, the reader of this blog, but for me, its author, the blog is considerably more awkward to edit and update. For that reason, I will probably no longer have an ‘All Posts’ page separate from the home page, since I now have to copy and paste post titles between the two pages to keep them in sync. (But then again, a little copy-and-pasting is good for the soul …)