Author’s Introduction

Good morning. Welcome to a website! Here are presented for your perusal a variety of short pieces of prose, which have nothing in common other than the fact that they have been written by me, Three Dots (or whatever my name is). Some of them are short; some are longer; some are based on real events, some are entirely fictional. When (or indeed whether) the next post will appear is entirely indeterminate. Old posts may disappear, reappear again, suffer redactions or additions, or reorder themselves at any time.

There is no comments section. If you wish to comment, you may send me an email at alan (dot) rempel (at) gmail (dot) com, or else find me in person. There are no Google analytics or similar, meaning I have no way of knowing whether anyone is reading any of it. Unless you tell me, of course.

My real aim, obviously, is just to have fun. The blog post is an enjoyable medium for me: its typical length corresponds well to the typical length of my thoughts; it permits a certain unseriousness which suits my mode of expression; and because I've constructed the website myself, there are no distracting widgets for me to fiddle with. (Again, for example, if you wish to ‘like’ a post, you cannot do so by pressing a button; you have to tell me in words somehow.)

Have fun! Suggestions for posts are welcome.