three dots …


About me

Good evening! I am Alan. I am a student at the University of King's College; I drink a lot of tea. Those are pretty much the only two facts about me that have remained true over the past seven years.

About this website

Why is it called “three dots”? Because three dots is the visual form of the ellipsis (‘…’), and I am an elliptical man.

Why have a website? Why write a blog? I don't know. I like having my own corner of the internet where I can experiment with prose and fiddle with stylesheets. Some people are good at making their bedrooms or living rooms into nice spaces that bring them comfort, look lovely, display things they value, and tell visitors something about themselves. I'm not so good at that in real life, but my website is something like an attempt to create an analogous space on the internet. If only I could actually bring my guests some sparkling water!

I post new content highly irregularly. Blog posts are dated by when I originally composed their content. This date may be months or years earlier than when the post appears here; I often post backdated items that I had written down somewhere else much earlier.

I am constantly intermittently adding, editing, removing stuff, adding stuff back again, and tweaking the design of the site, so check back again soon!

I hope your find this website an amusing stop on your internet travels.