Good afternoon! I am Alan. I drink a lot of tea. I am a graduand in Classics of the University of King's College, Halifax. In my spare time I enjoy walking, computing, and punctuation.

Although I update this website highly irregularly, it is nonetheless the only place on the internet whose content I control that I update at all. That said, you may also find me on Instagram, on Twitter, on GitHub, and possibly elsewhere.

Concerning this website

Why is it called “three dots”? Because three dots is the visual form of the ellipsis (‘…’), and I am an elliptical man.

Why does it exist? I don't know. I like having my own corner of the internet where I can experiment with prose and fiddle with stylesheets and JavaScript. In truth, I spend more time tweaking the design of the site than adding content.

What are the ‘ellipses’? You might call them blog posts, but I don't like the word ‘blog’. Note that each entry is dated by when I originally composed its content. This date may be months or years earlier than when the entry appears – I often post backdated items that I had written down somewhere else much earlier. I also revise them from time to time. The thing is more of a literary construct than a blog.

Why did such and such an entry disappear? Because I decided I didn't like it. But you never know, it might reappear again, perhaps with revisions.

I hope your find this website an amusing stop on your internet travels.


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