Three dots …


This morning, my flatmates and I had a brief dance party in the living room. It was a lot of fun – it felt long overdue. It made me think of a note I had written to myself, dated 5 March 2017, just after getting back from a party on Lawrence street. It was the sort of party where sometime after midnight, those who remained regrouped in the kitchen to do the dishes and dance. I had written:

I don’t really care about academics. Whatever is necessary that such dance parties as that one should happen again—that’s what matters to me. That everybody should be able to dance with their friends in a safe and comfortable space and know this and enjoy it and have lots of fun, knowing that they are among friends—that is what is most worthwhile to me.

I think I still hold this opinion! Of course, if I were a better student, I would say that my academic endeavours were for the sake of dancing. I hope they are anyway.