Three dots …

A plan!

(Good morning, Alan! What are you going to do today?)

Today I’m going to do many fine and worthy things!

(That’s all well and good, but Alan: do you have a plan for accomplishing these fine and worthy deeds?)

I do indeed!

(Will you tell us your plan?)

Here is my plan. My plan is as follows:

  1. Walk for fifteen minutes, absorb sun, engender endorphins.

  2. Arrive at the Lucky Penny.

  3. Purchase an espresso-tonic.

  4. Figure out the rest of the plan.

—What do you think of my plan?

(I think it is a terrible plan. For one thing, it is manifestly incomplete. For another, it involves accomplishing not many but few things at best, only one of which is remotely fine or worthy.)

Oh? Which do you suppose that one to be?

(The first step, in which you are to walk and thereby engender endorphins.)

You fool! You nothing about fine and worthy deeds! That’s not even my real plan, anyway. Of course I wouldn’t condescend to tell you my real plan for accomplishing many fine and worthy things.

(Very well, then. I shall leave you to it, whatever your plan may be.)

—Very well indeed, then! Off thus I go!

(Off indeed you go!)

Yes indeed:—off I go!